Our house tour is finally here!

I know I know! I’m so late with this.  But hor some people one year after moving in to their house also haven’t finished decorating ok wtf.  At least I have cushions on my couches (although they’re not even mine lolol my ID lent to me temporarily. :X)

But this is the long awaited blog post (and vlog!) about the final result of our house renovation.

Here’s the house tour vlog. It gives you a clearer insight into the layout of our place and our daily lives. ^^ Have fun watching!

And here are a bunch of photos I took of our place for illustrative purposes wtf.  A lot of people have been asking me about where I got this and that from so I’ll do my best to answer them here as we go along!

2018-02-10 11.31.36 3

Here’s our living room. Uh furniture is all mostly procured by our ID so I don’t know where to get sorry lol. :X Just after I said I’d answer here hahahah.

2018-02-10 11.31.36 2

Straight view of the TV.  Yea our house is Chinese New Year ready yo.

2018-02-10 11.31.36 1

The opposite side.  Our royal blue sofa is custom made by my ID and I love ittttt. I also love that little boy standing there hahaha.  Behind the sofa is the powder room, and stairs that lead upstairs *captain obvious.

2018-02-10 11.31.35 1

On the other side of the living room is the kids play room.  I banish all their toys here so they don’t make a mess wtf.  Shelves are custom made to fit the width of the wall.  (and yea they have a lot of toys.  Imma spring clean and donate some soon.  If you know anyone who needs old toys hit me up!)

2018-02-10 11.31.35 2

The playroom was originally part of the balcony so we had to install a new aircon.  Went for the Mitsubishi R410-R32 model cos it’s the latest technology from Japan!  Among its unique features is its super wide airflow system, which means that it’s really flexible when it comes to delivering airflow – it can handle a long narrow room or a wide open space with no problem.  Good for us cos our house is actually very open concept!

With a new noise-reducing design, the aircon is also quieter than other units.  But my favorite feature is the I FEEL control.  If it feels too cold or too hot, just tap the “Too Warm” or “Too Cool” buttons on the remote control and the aircon will adjust itself.  And it will remember your preferred temperature for future too! ^^

2018-02-10 11.31.26 2

This is the other end of the playroom.  Wall is white brick veneer from Suzuka.

2018-02-10 11.31.34 2

On the next wall (under the stairs) is an art piece made by Fighter and his friends for their art show last year.  The other kids did one letter each but Fighter did two – the D and the E – so I die also must win the auction for this wtf.  It looks so nice on their wall now!

2018-02-10 11.31.33 2

I like the white brick effect so much I used it on our balcony too!

2018-02-10 11.31.26 1

View from the opposite end. I love how low maintenance it is! Real brick walls can produce brick dust but no such problems with brick veneer.  Plus Suzuka quality is fantastic – feels and looks super real.

2018-02-10 11.31.34 1

Balcony view from the door.  Behind the wooden wall is our washing area – with washing machine and a sink.

Suzuka has a 20% off discount now running till end of the month btw for Kastone brick veneers so please go check it out if you’re interested!

2018-02-10 11.31.33 1

Our kitchen!  Yea damn messy la wtf.  The white counter peninsula is where the kids have their meals normally cos it’s the perfect height for their high chairs.

2018-02-10 11.31.32 1

Kitchen is quite small actually! But nice for us although it could use some more storage la hahaha.  2018-02-10 11.31.32 2

Our dining area!  I chose black metal chairs contrasting with a cream sofa (which is probably an unwise choice with two toddlers in the house lol) for seating.  Table is one of my favorite furniture pieces – from Art of Tree.  They are an environmentally aware company that produces furniture out of whole pieces of salvaged wood (from fallen trees or trees marked for removal) from Malaysian forests.  Their wood is gorgeous too – solid and unmarked.

I love it so much in fact I’m sitting right here writing this blog post hahaha.

2018-02-10 11.31.32 3

Our hallway (which leads to Fatty’s siblings’ units).  We custom built the cabinets on the side for storage.  Right now they’re used to store tools, shoes and random household things.

2018-02-10 11.31.31 2

Shelves I used for books and decorative knick knacks.  Bottom shelf is kids books and they’re always pulling out books that’s why so messy. -_-

2018-02-10 11.31.30 4

Fighter’s room!  The walls are dark blue cos it was supposed to be a night ski/outer space theme but all the star stickers I stuck dropped off WTF.  Stupid taobao shit hahahaha.

His house bed was bought from a local IG seller but aiya I know it’s from China too.  I wouldn’t recommend it though because you basically need a power drill to assemble it, it took forever to arrive, the quality of the wood is pretty bad, and the measurements all slightly lari one wtf.

2018-02-10 11.31.30 2

Opposite his bed is his bookshelf for his school bags and books.

2018-02-10 11.31.30 3

Bathroom!  We didn’t touch the bathroom in the renovation – just cleaned it up and added Daiso stickers to the toilet bowl lol.

2018-02-10 11.31.31 1

Now Penny’s room!  It’s super girly – I chose a mint green for the walls and added pink/peach accents for a more girly feel!  Her stuffed animals around her bed also I purposely chose the white and pink ones to add to the decor hahaha.

Canopy is from Ali Express.

2018-02-11 12.13.45 2

Stuck gold stars on her wall as well.  Also from Ali Express (as is the laundry basket at the foot of her bed) but these stars better, never fall off hahaha.

2018-02-11 12.13.42 1

The opposite side we painted a pyramid in dusk pink just to add more interest to the walls.  Her shelves are from Ikea.

2018-02-11 12.13.43 1

The window facing her bed.  She has her doll’s cradle there and a baby puzzle box.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 1

Her bathroom!

2018-02-11 12.13.46 1

Upstairs is our study/guest room!  Everything in here is from Ikea hahaha.  Except my chair which is from a shop on Jalan Bangsar.

2018-02-11 12.13.44 2

My desk!

2018-02-11 12.13.45 1

Fatty’s side of the room.  His desk is exactly the same as mine except in manly colors wtf.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 2

Our room!  Bed was custom made by our ID.  Penny is crying cos her hair got caught in her bag strap HAHAHA.

2018-02-10 11.31.27 1

Side view with Bunny Bun Bun and that fugly La-z Boy hahaha.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 3

Walk in closet!  ID basically designed a lot of shelf space cos she thinks I got a lot of bags to display hahahaha. (I don’t wtf.)  I don’t remember where she got the transparent chair though.

Our walk in closet (and all carpentry in the house actually) is by Daruma Sdn Bhd.  They do the carpentry and paneling work for Colony too!  They’re a sweet old couple with no online presence so if you’re looking for a carpenter contact, it’s 012 200 9613.

2018-02-10 11.31.28 3

Another look.

2018-02-10 11.31.28 2

Bathroom!  It’s always been my dream to have double sinks (cos I hate sharing hahahaha) so ta dah!  Our bathroom is in an entirely colonial feel

2018-02-10 11.31.28 1

Oh one nice feature that complemented our bathroom style is our old fashioned brass fixtures!  They’re from Premtex if anyone is wondering and were on sale some more when I bought!  Shower and our taps and towel rails are all in this matte brass. <3

2018-02-10 11.31.27 2

Oh but the best feature of our bathroom is this Geberit toilet!  Hahahaha I learned so much about bathrooms this time wtf.  Geberit is a Switzerland brand with an awesome name in bathrooms.  Comes in white, red, gold, silver, navy, black and even patterned designs but I chose black to go with our bathroom.

I love how sleek the toilet tank is!  It’s only 11 cm so it saves a lot of space, in addition to just looking damn cool.  Traditional toilets normally can’t be less than 15 cm so this is considered groundbreaking hehehe.  Like other modern toilets, it comes with a dual flush, depending what your business is ahem.

Full name is Geberit Monolith Puro and I got it from Bina Warehouse.  They have other brands as well so you can go check it out.

Some of the items here are sponsored, others are not.  Thought I’d write a blog post to share at length cos I got tons of DMs asking me where I got this and that and where are the showrooms I visited.

Bina Warehouse was one of them.  I also got my lights from various lighting shops in Kota Damansara, and visited furniture shops along Jalan Tun Razak.

Leave any other questions you have in the comments! I’ll ask my ID and get back to you hahahaha.


  • Sweivÿ Wong

    I wonder how many wtf in this blog… lol…
    Btw… ur house is so awesome, i like the balcony, closet, and the master bathroom!!!

  • Charmaine | Architecture Blog

    Oh. My. God. Your house is HUMONGOUS! I can’t believe you described the kitchen as “small”, you should see our 200 sq. ft. flats in Hong Kong!!

    My favourite room has got to be Penny’s. Love the colour scheme! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Dwi Wahyudi

    The Dream House 🙂

  • Posh, Broke, & Bored

    I love the white Barcelona armchairs in the living room! The midcentury style is such a nice juxtaposition to the traditional blue Chesterfield sofa (I have a similar one in grey in my London place, but smaller). And the marble bathroom and those brass fittings…gimme gimme gimme! Running to Premtex now to check them out *heart eyes* x

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Malis & Topaz, 2 of the Capital’s Best High End Restaurants – Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Pq

    Hi Audrey! I saw your big big transparent vase (for salt) and wonder if you could tell me where to get them? Was looking for something like that! Thank you! And your house is very very beautiful (especially love the dining area where you could put different elements together to look perfect!).

  • y3nlin9

    There’s such huge balcony in KL? Where? ???

  • disqus_JgvvuzdhUC

    y3nlin9 I agree