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Angela’s wedding

Feeling super brain dead now but I’m facing a backlog of work (ironically thanks to my Vancouver trip which is what Imma blog about) so lets get cracking wtf.

I did a week long Vancouver trip recently because…. *drumroll wtf* my soul mate got married!  Wah I just remembered there’s an Angieentry blog category that I can add to wtf.

This is the story of Angie’s wedding and the first solo trip I’ve taken in yearsssss.

Beware a shit ton of photos coming up!


So the trip started with these two crying their eyes out because I was leaving. -_-

I’d already prepped them for weeks beforehand, telling them I needed to go help Auntie Angela with her wedding, and that I’d come back with presents for them.

Penny told me I can go but I must come back in ONE MINUTE wtf.  Fighter asked if he could come with me, and he already has a visa (it’s his Australian visa wtf).  Then Penny said I don’t need to go there to buy presents, just buy here (in Malaysia) lolol.

Normally my parents come over to stay before I leave for any trips and they’re so happy and distracted with Grandma and Grandpa that they don’t mind me leaving.  But my mom had an eye infection so she couldn’t come over yet.

This was the hardest trip ever to leave on cos I got in the car and both of them were wailing outside with our helper Dada. T________T I ain’t gonna deny I cried in the car too. T____T


So much guilt that when I saw the Disney Store in HKIA I might have gone overboard with the gifts. :X

Anyway I must public service announcement first.


I’d just got to the airport and before I could get a luggage cart, a guy dressed in some uniform came up to me with a cart and offered to help me.  He said it was a porter service, and I was like oh? Since when does KLIA have this?  He told me it’s been some time and my first, optimistic thought was, wow Malaysia Baru service also better now wtf.

We got to my check in counter and the guy continued to wait there for me while I checked my luggage in.  I smiled at him awkwardly and still didn’t think it was anything.

After I was done, he basically pushed my tiny pink carry on suitcase to the security checkpoint and said….

That will be RM 27.  Actually it’s RM 30 but now got discount.

FML.  I was too scared not to pay him after he brought all my bags in, but seriously WTF.  He did NOT inform me prior that there would be a fee, making me think it was a considerate service from the airport!  Believe in the best in people also cannot wtf.

And he basically charged me for something I could easily have done myself! I only had one suitcase for check in and one carry on bag!

So guys. Never accept this service from these con artists.  I should have reported them la gah.

The second incident is this.


I arrived a day earlier than expected WTF.  Normally traveling from Asia to North America gains you a day and you arrive on the same day.  But for some reason Cathay insisted at different times that I would arrive the day after only.  Angela and I attributed it to my layover in Hong Kong but seriously my layover was only three hours wtf.

I spent the flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver puzzling over the timing until just before we touched down, the pilot announced the time and date of arrival.  Then only I knew I was a day early hahahaahha.


Reunited and it feels so good~

As usual with us, it’s like we just saw each other last week, no matter how long we haven’t met up.


Visited Melu!  It’s Angela’s cold pressed juice bar (and other healthy stuff) and I’m so proud of her. T______T


My juice! Flu Fighter or something it’s called.  Picked it cos I had a raging running nose thanks to the change in temperature from KL to Vancouver.  It was orange and turmeric mostly and very yummy!


With Angela and my Zara jacket wtf.

Melu is in downtown Vancouver, on West Pender Street wtf so go check it out whoever’s in the city!  Shit seriously I actually remember the road name cos I had to walk over using Google Maps hahahaha.


On the way to run wedding errands!  I was there a few days earlier so I went with her to get stuff done.  Very nice actually cos we travel together and all but we rarely get to just hang out doing mundane every day stuff.  I haven’t been back to Vancouver since we were like 22 and it’s nice to see her every day life too. *not creepy*


Wah this one hahahaha.  So one night we were at an izakaya and we were seated in a booth just talking and laughing.  Then suddenly this guy came up to us and said, “Sorry but my friends and I heard you talking and we’re wondering what language were you speaking?  Japanese? Korean?”

FOL.  We were like “….English?”

And he was like, “Hahaha! No seriously, what language were you speaking?”

He asked three times, and we said English three times and he still didn’t believe us WTF.  Then he proceeded to try to ask us out wtf.  I was tempted to tell him sorry we busy doing wedding planning but I didn’t know if Angela wanted to give out that info hahaha.

But anyway what the.  Hahahaha.  When Angela and I talk to each other, we speak in Malaysian English, but even then I already minimize our accent with her.  I speak like Malaysian but pronounce words American if that makes sense lolol.  So that’s like our special language wtf.

Clearly it’s also our secret language cos nobody around us can understand hahaha.  We were friends with Americans for a year (and damn close some more ok, hang out every day type) and after one freaking year, we realized they thought all this while we were speaking Chinese to each other WTF.


OMG Malaysian oysters can jump back into the sea wtf.


Saw a raccoon outside Angela’s house! I thought it was so cute until the next morning we woke up and discovered it had dug up a large portion of her backyard WTF.


Movie trip!  Watched Ralph Breaks The Internet.


Also with Angela’s cousin Kelvin who used to hang out with us a lot on weekends back in college.


Opened my door on my last night in Canada and found this homeless trio waiting for me outside my room hahahaha.  It’s because I’m very fun to be around ok wtf.  Angela is stretching out on Frank if you can’t see hahaahha.


Two nights before the wedding!  Bride doing DIY teeth whitening hahahahaha.  And my sinus was really bad wtf.


One night before the wedding!  Bride booked a room for her bridesmaids at the hotel, and we went to check out the hotel bar, called Reflections and apparently super popular cos of its decorations.

It is very pretty!  And I got some ideas for Colony too hahaha.


My (non alcoholic) drink.


We used to selfie so much and now neither of us take photos that much also.  Is it age or trends?  We will never know wtf.


So take more now!


Wah this one turned out a bit gross hahahahaha.


Little Christmas details!


Oh yea this was right before my phone dropped to the back of the sofa cos I balanced it precariously on the edge wtf.  I had to climb next to the couple seated beside us and the girl was crying OMG I think I rudely interrupted a breakup wtf.


Cleaned up the next morning cos someone’s getting married!


With Team Bride!  Vivian, C and Chen, the sole bridesman wtf.


The first look! I was wholly expecting Frank to cry but he didn’t. Sucks wtf.


This magical couple. T____T

After that was a lot of photo taking, and we even adjourned outdoors to shoot portraits at the art gallery.


Looks so nice right?  Well it’s mid winter wtf.  It was 6 degrees C and windy. T____T  My smile is frozen hahahaha.  We’d all have our coats and capes on and when it was time to shoot, we’d throw the jackets towards the team to quickly catch and snap.

I was seriously dreading this portion of the wedding cos I am so bad with the cold, even with my bedroom aircon I’m wrapped in two blankets wtf.  By the time we were done, my nose was running big time, and even my neck and head hurt from shivering too much hahahaha.  But it was fun too, complaining about the cold and joking and posing.  And achievement unlocked ok, take outdoor photos in winter in a flimsy chiffon dress hahaha.


Ran back indoors after and had the most glorious hot tomato soup ever.


I really really like tomato soup now after this hahahaha.


The wedding coordinator, Lisa from Shing Weddings is so detailed and thoughtful.  She made sure the bridal party had time and food to eat because we were on our feet with duties the entire day.


These two hahahahaha.


Then it was time for the ceremony.

Angela walked in to Elvis’s Can’t Help Falling In Love and as the opening chords struck, even before she walked in, my face crumpled and I thought I was going to bawl WTF.  She was just so beautiful and everything was so beautiful.  T_T So god bless us, the photos here with me inside are probably gonna be damn ugly cos the whole time my face was moving trying to control my tears sorry guys. -_-

Congratulations you two. T____T So so so happy to be there and see these two get married and fluff Angie’s train. T______T


With my beautiful Angie T______T (this is what one glass of wine does to me)


The beautiful, beautiful set up.  The hotel was gorgeous, the decorations impeccable and the coordinating team was amazing.  They only invited 80 people so everyone who was there wanted to be there for the newly weds.

The layout is quite different from Asian weddings!  The main table is viking style, on stage, and it’s the bridesmaids and groomsmen that sit up there with the couple, not the families.

It was where I gave my maid of honor speech too!  Slightly stressed cos Angela is damn competitive and kept telling me I must beat Frank’s best maid (his best friend is a girl)’s speech WTF. She even brought props so I was looking around hastily to see what I can use as props too hahahaha.

But I think my speech went well!  Cos everyone laughed so much at it hahaha.


The prettiest cake ever.  Made by Angela’s friend Effie!


Table setting.


Playing with the photo props.


We were really tired hahaha.  Bridal party taking a break on the floor hahaha.


First dance by the newly weds. T3T


Me and Vivian, whose husbands didn’t come hahahaha.


Met all Angela’s friends from her side of the world. :)))


It’s a wrap!


So tired after it all we changed back to sneakers and loafers hahaha.

We always joked about this day, and it finally happened.  My best friend and soul mate got married to a man worthy of her love and life. 🙂 I’m so happy for them and so glad I got to be a part of the biggest day of their lives.

Posting my MOH speech here. 🙂

Hi everyone.  My name is Audrey and I am Angela’s maid of honor.  Some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting just now. But well, most of you – may not have seen me before and that’s because I live in Malaysia.

Angela and I met in 2004 – 14 years ago! – at college, Mount Holyoke College in the US.  We were going through orientation together. And I noticed this girl who I thought was really cute…. She’s pretty, she was wearing pink like me.  And makeup!

But I didn’t like her immediately. I think everyone here knows what Angela’s voice is like? It’s high pitched and very cute.  So yea…. the first time she opened her mouth I thought she was faking it.

I was like guys.  Nobody has this voice.  Yea I was super judgmental.

So I avoided her.  To my surprise, she  kept coming up to me and inviting me to do stuff with her!  And I didn’t really have any other friends anyway so I went along with her.  (She told me later that she’d already identified me as potential best friend because like her, I was dressed in pink). We went on an organized trip to Target for school supplies and ended up picking all the same things.  From that day on, we were inseparable.

In junior year, we made it to Kyoto, Japan together for a year abroad.  In our senior year, we had the option of having our own single rooms but we still chose to room together. She was literally my other half.  We bonded over the same interests – shopping, Japan, and the love of pink for example. We also shared the same sense of humor and values.

We are basically the same person, except for some obvious differences.  She’s very neat while I’m super messy – she’s had to kick my dirty socks over to my side of the room more than once.  She’s very organized, while I lose things on a daily basis, and she remembers everything I forget (especially when it came to school work).  And luckily for our friendship, we like different types of guys. One of my favorite things about her though is her drive and determination to achieve whatever she’s set her mind to.  I mean look at Melu guys!

When we graduated, the day before we both flew home – her to Vancouver, me to Kuala Lumpur – we sat in the bathroom and cried.  We called ourselves soul mates and at that point , we couldn’t imagine life without each other or even if we’d ever live in the same country again.

Well today we still don’t live in the same country.  We plan trips and meet every one or two years – she either comes to Asia or we meet in the States.  And when we meet, it’s like nothing has changed!  We’re still soulmates. The only thing that changed was the introduction of a boy named Frank Yeh.

I first heard about this Frank guy in 2012.  Angela was in Malaysia for my wedding, and I remember the night before, we were lying in the dark in my room while she went on about Frank.

It wasn’t until two years later in 2014 that I met Frank with Angela on a trip to LA.  My first thought was – this guy is EXACTLY Angela’s type. Tanned skin, big eyes, and like, a cool demeanor.

Frank is the opposite of cool. He’s warm and friendly and hilarious and I could see he was crazy about Angela.  I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Frank on two occasions – once when we did that trip to LA, and a year ago when we were in Bangkok for a friend’s wedding.  

I got to know him better during that trip and found out that in addition to being hilarious and friendly, he’s also stable, genuine, wise and calm.  In other words, he’s perfect for Angela who has been known to be excitable and emotional… when it comes to guys. I don’t think I could have chosen a better man for Angela to spend her life with.  If I had to give up the title of soulmate, I would willingly give it up to Frank. She’s always been amazing, my favorite person in the world. And he makes her an even better person.

I’m so happy to be here today to celebrate the marriage of my soulmate with the best man.  To Angela and Frank. May you both have the funnest, most loving life together.




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  • Audrey, I loved loved loved reading this post. I’ve been following you since you started Fourfeetnine, and this post is very reminiscent of that – probably because this brings out so much of your own personality. Not Aud as Mum, Aud as Businesswoman, Aud as Wife (the sides of you that we’ve read so much about in the recent years), but just.. Aud. And it was lovely. Your commentaries/captions are every bit as funny as they were before, and probably Angie brought that side of you back out, but I really enjoyed reading this, and thank you for still writing for us till this day!

  • the wedding is so beautiful! the food also look so delicious!

    here i want to share a few things that u might do not know:
    sakit jantung
    minyak kelapa dara

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