Vlog: Pre CNY weekend

I’m back at vlogging! *everyone quiet cos how many times have I said this before wtf*


  1. my kids are the biggest fans of my vlogs WTF.  They watch it on repeat constantly and….
  2. it made me realize that these are such good memories I have for the future.  Last time I stopped vlogging cos I felt like I was too busy capturing moments to really be in the moment but I think I could get the hang of it.  Hopefully wtf.
  3.  Fatty got me a Go Pro for my birthday wtf.  My initial reaction was ‘what am I gonna do with this!?’  I didn’t think I needed a new vlogging camera but…this camera finally has a stabilizer.  So people don’t get headaches anymore watching my vlogs which is very motivational lolol.

So anyway I’ve decided to restart vlogging.  And in addition, I will also write a little bit more about Behind-the-scenes of the vlog – what really happened, what happened off screen, and my general thoughts about things.

So this vlog was taken the week before Chinese New Year.  CNY is a huge thing in the kids’ school since it’s a Chinese medium kindergarten and all the classes had their own New Year performances, so I decided to vlog it!

Penny’s four year old class did a simple Chinese dance that involved mostly clapping and jumping from side to side.  You never saw anyone jump with so much gusto ok hahahaahha.  At one point I noticed she even did a wiggle mid jump ok hahahaah.

Fighter on the other hand. :X  He was one of the kelefehs – he said his role was “people in China” LOL and at certain points he looked a bit blur and had to be prompted by his friends fhl.  But I am so proud of him cos he’s come such a long way since refusing to step on stage at all and crying when he saw me, or agreeing to perform but banning me from attending his performance wtf.

This time he was so excited to perform for us and asked us all to attend.  So we all showed up – me, Fatty, Mummy and Fat Her Ooi, and even our helpers who were bursting with pride.

So worth capturing this ok!

Also I got hair extensions so this is the video debut of my new hair *self obsessed wtf.

Happy watching!



    where’s the second video? :c