My (grumpy) birthday

This is a vlog post so you’ll see my vlog further down!

My birthday happened on a Sunday this year and when Fatty asked me what I wanted to do I was really stumped wtf.  In the end I told him I wanna go for a massage and eat braised duck rice for my birthday LOLOL.

So that’s actually what we did.  We tapau-ed braised duck rice and fish head curry (from kopitiams) and invited my family over to eat with the kids.  Sieu Ee and Dawid came along too cos I think my Everything Buddy TM was worried I wouldn’t have a celebration this year hahahaha.

I spoke about this on my vlog but I’ll elaborate here a bit.

I think because it was my birthday, I woke up subconsciously wanting to have a chill day to focus on myself and just relaxing.  Do my makeup leisurely in the morning, take some OOTD shots, read my Kindle, etc.  Instead, I got two very clingy children, one of whom woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, was defiant and had multiple tantrums throughout the day.

Fatty (bless him wtf) was doing his best to make sure I had a nice relaxing day but even then I was so fed up.  And when I’m fed up I know cos I’ll spend more time on my phone than usual wtf.  And I know you can actually see it in the video!

My stoned expressionless face and phone time is very obvious in this vlog I think.  Even if we didn’t manage to catch much of the bickering, meltdowns, and disciplining, you can see it all through me hahaha.

I decided to post all this up (even though I look like a shit unenthusiastic mom) because I’m supposed to be an honest blogger ma hahaha.  I’m keeping it real yo wtf. Everyone has shit days and social media is doing too good a job of hiding it.

So here.  My day in which I felt like running away from the critters, which also happened to be my birthday lolol.

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