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Wedding fair at Colony


Just an update on er myself wtf.  Since I always update about the kids I have to remind myself this blog is actually called Fourfeetnine hahaha.

So we’ve launched our fifth location, at Star Boulevard in August.  My job before this was primarily to design and build new centers and we’re actually done for the time being!  We’re going to focus on building up and stabilizing all our centers for now which essentially means I’m out of a job lolol.

So my job scope has changed a bit.  Luckily I still have a job wtf.  Since my background was advertising and social media, I’m going back to marketing (and sales) cannot escape wtf.  Star Boulevard is our biggest and newest center, so the priority was to promote it as much as possible. This is where I come in.

The truth is, I left marketing years ago cos I was very disillusioned with the industry wtf.  It was interesting and exciting and creative but eventually I got to a point where I didn’t see the point.  Advertising is basically fluff wtf.  :X After every campaign is over, it’s gone and there’s nothing to show for it.  Most of the time, you can’t even directly correlate sales to the ad campaign, and even if you can, clients don’t always share this information with agencies (which is where I worked).  In the end, I left because I felt like I was working so hard for nothing tangible in results.

So I was dreading going back into “marketing”.  I don’t know if it’s cos Colony is our own thing, or because I’m doing different things now but I’m quite enjoying it!  We have very capable heads of marketing and sales so I don’t need to do daily operations.  I do the fun things!  Like networking and forming relationships with our guests, and inviting over friends and clients (or clients who become friends wtf) to check out the space.  I’m a very clear extrovert so all these is not really work to me hahaha.

One special project that we worked on this quarter though was a wedding fair!

Copy of StarBoulevard-56

See, we created this big beautiful (if I may so myself wtf) space that for the first time in the history of our spaces, is big enough to hold not just corporate events, but intimately sized weddings!

We’ve actually had enquiries before for weddings but none of our event spaces have been big enough to host a wedding…. until now!  Based on a round table configuration of 10 pax each, it can fit max 2o tables but I think 15 tables is a more comfortable number la.

It’s our first time going into this new industry so we’re very noob at it.  But it’s fun la because weddings!  So to kind of introduce our (little) ballroom and tell people that, “hey you can have weddings here too!”, we decided to throw a wedding fair.

The ballroom isn’t very big after all, and I hated the idea of a big ass mass produced wedding fair with booths.  So instead of a typical fair, I envisioned an event which upon walking in would feel like a whole wedding in itself.  We wanted couples to walk in and see the place done up as how a wedding would, and be able to envision their own wedding at Star Boulevard, down to not just the decorations but also canape and dessert setups, and a designated bridal suite.  We would have have only a select few vendors of each type, and these wedding vendors would be people who focused on creating unique, custom experiences for their couples, not churn out fast fixed packages for max profit.  Basically vendors I believe would share our values. 😀

The entire event flow would be exactly like a wedding.  A couple coming in would register at the registration table (like in a wedding), then our team would tour them around the space.  The ballroom would be done up on both sides in a wedding like way

It was my first time organizing something like this and honestly I’m not very organized la wtf.  Big big thanks goes to Sam and She Mun, our heads of sales and marketing, and their team for handling so much, so competently based on (sometimes) vague directives wtf.  They really made the whole thing happen.

Before further ado, here’s the list of the vendors we worked with:

Pathway Events
Soiree Lab
Whichkraft Projekt

Trees On The Moon


Patisserie Rui

Photo booth:

Makeup artist:
MM Productions

Wedding shoes:
The White Atelier

Topman (for men’s suits)
Armadale Weddings (for wedding dresses)
Lola Gowns (for evening gowns)

Without further ado! Let me spam a lot of pics wtf.

Some behind the scenes shots taken with my trusty Huawei before I move on to the nicer professional photos…


Me taking ootd in front of Pathway’s giant mirror lol.


Penny supervising the setup of Soiree Lab.


My hair! Done by Maggie Mah of MM Productions.  Damn nice ok and she didn’t even use much hairspray but she secured it so well that I slept on it and woke up and it was still the same LOL.  So I wore my hair like that the next day again WTF.


Maggie and Lumi!  The reason why we were all getting makeup done is because the whole place was already styled up so nicely so we decided to get it some friends to come and shoot and get some nice shots in.  Fatty and I did one with the kids too as flower boy and flower girl!  Photos in another post probably wtf.


Snuck a picture of Careen doing her girl boss thing in the bridal suite.  As part of our wedding package, we designated one of our Luxe Suites as a bridal holding suite for brides and their entourage to get ready/touch up.  For the wedding fair though, we hosted our preferred partners like The White Atelier for customized shoes…


Armadale for wedding gowns…


Lola Gown for evening dresses and photoshoot dresses… And of course MM Productions for makeup and hair.


Here’s the setup done by Pathway.


And me with Povy and Derrick who rushed like crazy to make it in time for the shoot thank you guys. <3


Vincent of Trees On The Moon, one of my favorite photographers at his little corner.


And Grace of whom I’ve always wanted to work with, at hers talking to a guest.

Now for the nice photos!  These were taken by one of our team, Lucas, and wtf, his photos so nice they look professional. T3T


What greets you when you walk in – our reception table and a feature of our collaborators.


This is Whichkraft’s setup on our rooftop. So perfect for ROMs T______T  This layout seats 40 but by extending the chairs on the side, we can fit a maximum of 70 people.


With the Petronas Twin Towers as your backdrop. *swoons*


Designated seating. ^^


One last look before we say goodbye and head downstairs to the actual ballroom…


Pathway Events’ setting!  One side of our ballroom is a brick wall while the other is coated in concrete paint for a old, industrial look.  I love how Pathway tweaked their colors and featured amethyst and maroon shades, which contrasted beautifully with the grey walls.


Table setting.


Another view.


Patisserie Rui has been making our family’s cakes for years and I asked Rui to come onboard for our fair cos she’s reliable and her work is beautiful.  And I don’t even like cakes but Rui’s cakes are the only ones I’ll eat hahaha.  Her dessert table to complement Pathway’s setup blew me away though, I hadn’t actually seen her desserts and pastries before.


Rui designed two different dessert tables  – for Pathway and Soiree Lab and little birds were the common denominator hehe.



This is Rui’s dessert spread for Soiree Lab who went with a blush pink, pale blue, slightly Victorian vibe to their decorating!


Omg these wedding cakes are love.




Soiree Lab’s centerpiece.


Soiree Lab’s pretty bridal table chairs.


Main table setting.


A little nook SL set up.  For photo purposes I presume, and also so you can grab a cookie off the wall that comes with their contact info hahaha.


Stories & TOTM.


With a lot of couples looking through their stuff!


Some of our partner photographers’ works.


Hui Wen doing her thing.


The canapes by Define:Food!  Maybe cos Define is our F&B partner but also cos their food is consistently good, they are like comfort food to me now. T3T  Thanks Define for nourishing us throughout those two days.


I a sucker for salmon wtf.


Photobooth setup by Whichkraft Projekt who although they do everything now, used to be balloon specialists!


What would a party be without these two?  (And macarons wtf.)


OH YA had a lucky draw too wtf.  The grand prize was a free wedding venue on any date of the couple’s choice, plus a bridal makeup package by MM Production. Congratulations guys!  Honestly they looked so stunned when I called their names that I didn’t know if they were happy to win WTF.  I think they were la ha ha ha *nervous laugh wtf.

So there you have it — our first wedding fair at Colony!  I really enjoyed the event actually – it was fun and turned out gorgeous and ran well, even though I blundered my way through it wtf.  It’s really thanks to the sales and marketing teams la what would it be without them wtf.

If you’re interested in enquiring about a space for your wedding/party/meeting/workshop/whatever hit us up!  Here’s our website or you can just email me or leave a comment here. <3