happy ending

To be honest, I’ve been too busy and irritable to blog.  Yesterday I felt terrible for no good reason — maybe it was PMS, although it’s weird cos I always get mood swings only a few days into my period.

I wrote on my Twitter/Facebook that I felt like shit and late at night when I was having my McDs dinner with Tim, my phone rang and it was Masato asking if I was okay because he saw my status update.

It cheered me up!  Because someone else (besides Tim and the Oois) cared :)

Anyway I’m putting up some pictures I’ve taken over the past week but haven’t had time or the mood to blog about.

I thought I’d dropped my keys on the road the other day but actually I left them in Edmund’s car and one morning he sneaked my keys onto my table with the yellow speech bubble attached HAHA.

Hello Kitty’s face so black already T3T

Guinness is having a huge celebration for its 250th anniversary this year and the Master Brewer of the St James Gate brewery in Ireland came to KL to launch it.

The media launch was held in Aquaria which was very cool and appropriate because one of the prizes for the 250 contest was to send people under the sea.

Diver is a peaceful man.

Cindy, Huai Bin and Desmond.

Next day we celebrated Mummy Ooi’s birthday!

The Ooi clan + Suet – Tim (busy attending friend’s stag night wtf)

Suet’s eyes here very mesmerizing! *hypnotized WTF

The women wtf.  Happy Birthday Mummy <3

Suet and I.  I was grumpy because my brother was taking eons with the camera.

Tim & I also went to a coffee shop where we saw the owner lifting weights behind the counter HAHAHAHAHAHA  how productive!

Then off to get mille crepe for Mummy’s birthday.


Food Foundry in PJ.

My shirt.  (maybe I should wear it more)

And Tim’s.

And a little Hello Kitty lamp Tim got me which made me happy too.

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27 Responses to happy ending

  1. SusanLee says:

    I like your shirt and the lamp! They are so adorable and cute ;) Yeah, you really ought to wear your “Happy” t-shirt more often. It seems to put you in good mood! Have a great weekend ahead, Audrey!

  2. Ming Ee says:

    aww… i love the little Hello Kitty lamp!
    Cheer up soon!

  3. GIVEMEANAME says:

    Tim’s boobs > Aud’s boobs? O.o

  4. elaine says:

    Ya, I love the lamp toooo, so cute!!

    Audrey, cheer up! You are the happy go lucky gal!! Must always smile and laugh!

    Show me your teeth gal!! heheehh~

  5. Mellissa says:

    ZOMG Tim has boobies!

  6. sweatlee says:

    hello i can hear u brushing ur teeth wtf

  7. dolly says:

    cheer up.. =)
    and errr.. Tim’s boob is so big. @.@

  8. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday Auntie !

    Ei babie i would care too if I happened to see ur status that time ok !!! *sniff

  9. hbk says:

    show more of thehappy.. because i will be happy as well when i look at your two mountains!

  10. sasa says:

    hoep you getting better now :) cheer!
    o ya, the food foundry, i heard about it before, the mille crepe, i gonna try it out !!keke~

  11. cindy khor says:

    luckily you had found your keys. you look really chic in the long t-shirt and shorts and gladiator sandals. and i like the fact that you put on minimal make-up.

  12. Cherry says:

    u made me fall in love with hello kitty!

  13. tottochan09 says:


  14. miumiu says:

    Loving you miu miu bag in white :)

  15. Louis says:

    looked like Tim had boobs! hahaha :D kidding!

  16. joyce says:

    i usually hate hate couples’ tees… but i have to admit this is an exception.

  17. creampuff says:

    love yr hair @ pic #12 :D

  18. ShaolinTiger says:

    Why Tim looks like he has boobs one 0_o

  19. Jade Zheng says:

    awww~ i love yr hello kitty lamp & the picture of the man doing weights! hahaha… xD

  20. carol says:

    but i love you :( :( and i thought you didn’t want to be disturbed :( :( :(

  21. raymond says:

    look like Tim hav a same boobs size as you :p

  22. Audrey says:

    susanlee: aww thank u! i hope u had a good weekend too!

    ming ee: thank u im ok now!

    givemeaname: eh dont la why u insult me wtf

    elaine: im smiling im smiling! wtf

    mellissa: no he doesnt! do u know which chest is mine wtf

    suet: ya thats why i walked into the room wtf

    dolly: normal guy’s one la!

    angie: awwww hahaha do u feel like u lost to masato wtf

    hbk: wtf!

    sasa: ya the mille crepe is really nice!

    cindy khor: haha it wasnt shorts! it was a tube top that i made into a skirt cos i didnt have any shorts with me that day =.=

    cherry: haha really?

    tottochan: er whats sweet? :D

    miumiu: thank u!

    louis: no he doesnt wuwuwu

    joyce: ya i saw another pair which said “i love my bf/gf” and got nervous wtf

    creampuff: aww thank u!

    shaolin: no he doesnt T_____T

    jadez: ya the man damn funny hahaahahah

    carol: i love u too <3

    raymond: RU INSULTING ME WTF

  23. Raymond says:

    no.. i wasnt insulting you..sorry made u feel that..
    u have a normal size for ur body..
    only the photo seem that Tim has big breasts…angle problem..hehe :)

  24. cutie says:

    hey…..sweetie!!!i like ur hair style so muzh….where u done it?:)

  25. Audrey says:

    cutie: i cut it at a cut above! but i got my extensions in singapore

  26. steph k says:

    omg! miu miu bag!!!!

  27. Hammster says:

    Aw, the Hello Kitty lamp is awesome! ^_^ Hello Kitty is here to make people happy. It’s what she does! ^_^


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