Century egg

A while back I met this middle aged woman at a party carrying a Prada bag.

I was sitting at a table full of women my mom’s age and only me and Tim were er below age 25 wtf.

Another auntie mentioned briefly to us about how this woman had a huge collection of handbags.

Thar she blows.  Cannot stop talking about her handbag collection.

I bought this bag very cheap only… even the scarf on the bag is only RM700…so cheap ok what do you mean expensive?  Oh ya the bracelet that goes on the bag was also cheap… only RM2050 (wtf)….oh and my Birkin?  The Puan Sri got it for me, if not how else can I get it?  You know the waiting list for it is 3 years you know… I also wait 3  years already  still couldn’t get it until the Puan Sri stepped in for me.  oh ya and my son came out to work already bought me a Prada bag he is really filial…

Then on to next topic which is her shining son. (for another ten minutes)  Talked about how he didn’t need to study also can get first class honors la…. got his masters when he was dunno how old la… and then told everyone how she didn’t spend any money on her bags until she put her son through school.

Felt like vomiting.

Had to keep drinking iced water to keep my face from grimacing.

Where got people like this wan! Show off also show off until so obvious!  All it took was one word about her bags and off she went like a runaway train on speed.

And ironically I thought she was uneducated WTF.  Cos her English wasn’t very good and she couldn’t even pronounce some words right (she said “my’s” instead of mine WTF)

I thought she could have been one of the lucky women who married a man who might not be so rich at first but through sheer hard work made it big later on in his life.

But it turns out she is quite educated!

But aih I thought she was not very classy (in terms of speech & behavior)

Already had not a good impression of her, she had to ruin it further right before we went home by telling Tim “wah your girlfriend looks like a kid!”

At first I didn’t mind because everyone thinks I’m younger than I am anyway.

Dunno how Tim did it!  He always said his temper is his worst fault but many times I think he’s more patient than me.  He just smiled and asked “how old do you think she is Auntie?”

The woman waved her hand dismissively and said “cannot be older than 16 la.  Not scared later police come catch you ah?”



Seriously.  So no class.

Ok I admit I didn’t say anything when she said that.  The party was at the house of someone I quite like and I didn’t want to embarrass anyone.  Plus I’m Chinese and she’s got a gazillion years on me and I was raised on Confucian values not to be rude to your elders. (and really really elder ok)

Hello Auntie did 50 years of your life not teach you anything about having some tact and class?

FIFTY YEARS! 50! GO JUU NEN!  FIVE DECADES.  HALF A CENTURY.  If she was an egg she would be a century egg WTF.

All black and fermented.  (and quite good to eat wtf)

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