Ten Years

The other day I was walking in Midvalley (heading to Mcds if you must know wtf seriously they should just sponsor me hahaha) when a lady stopped me.

“Excuse me, are you Fourfeetnine?”

“Er yes.”

“Audrey Ooi?  Fourfeetnine?”


“My daughter is a big fan of your blog!”  And then some other stuff which I don’t remember — I think she said her daughter reads my blog every day or something hahaha.

Most of the time I think I just looked at her in amazement cos she herself didn’t even look that old.

I asked “how old is your daughter?”

She said, “Ten.  She’s at school now.”

“TEN!! SO YOUNG!”  When she was born I already finished SPM already!!!!

“Ya kids these days grow up so fast.”

And that’s how I found out about my youngest reader yet.

What do I blog about that would be of interest to a ten year old!?  I just did a quick scroll through my last few blog entries — pregnancy, babies, weddings, and then maybe makeup and coordinates.

But still which of these topics would interest a ten year old!  Please even one year ago, talk about pregnancy and babies would bore me to bits lol.  I figure it’s the makeup and fashion then?

Then all I can say is, kids these days are growing up too fast!!!

At ten, I was preoccupied with…. collecting scented erasers wtf.  Lusting after Staedtler Luna color pencils (the set with like a billion colors).  Catching Clarissa Explains it All and Saved By The Bell on Sundays.  Not failing Science wtf.  Praying my friends didn’t unfriend me again fml.

Anyway, this is a shoutout to my youngest reader (cos her mom said she’s checking my blog everyday now to see if I mention her hahaha).  Don’t grow up so fast!  Play more and watch more cartoons please.  You’ll have years and years ahead of you to do adult things!  And trust me, they won’t be that fun. Hahahah.

I always assumed that my readers are all about my age.  But how old are you and when did you start reading my blog?  Please comment and lemme know I’m curious now. :D

Sponsored Mention

Tried shopping at HiShop yet?  They’re a website specializing in value beauty and cosmetic products.  I made my first order with them and the package came like two days later very impressive!


I got some Stage brush cleaner (I find their products very good leh), diaper ointment for Fighter’s future nappy rash HAHAHA, and a lip brush and blusher for Mumsy.


This is their report card hehe.

A+++ for super prompt delivery.  I didn’t expect it for another few days at least.

Payment was secure of course, didn’t get my credit card hacked wtf.

What I felt was good but could be improved was the variety of products and brands they carry, and therefore selection of deals.  Especially Japanese products please. ^^ They’re a relatively new store so I’m sure they will add on more in future!

Overall A!  Go to HiShop for your beauty purchases.

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