Achy-Breaky Heart

Just goes to show how hopelessly unfit you are when all you do is play a few games of foosball and 10 hours later, your joints are screaming bloody murder and you can hardly lift your arms up above your head to reach for the medicine cabinet without having some kind of spasm.

The reason why I’m stuck here on a Friday night is because (huzzah!) the Familial Unit is going to balik kampung tomorrow. I’m so annoyed that I have to miss Hartamas tonight just because as always, we are getting “an early start tomorrow morning”. Which in the case of the Ooi family, has never happened. Why am I annoyed? Well, partly it’s of course due to my eternal spirit of “hong-sohness”, which H S I N can well attest to :D, also partly to my desire to spend as much time with my friends as possible before I leave, and lastly to the irrational feeling I’ve had recently that I wanna be with my friends as much as possible so they won’t forget I exist. And to feel that I belong in a group.

I know I’m being v. v. paranoid and irrational but for a while I felt so alone because everyone was in a uni somewhere and had a circle of uni friends while I didn’t. Everyone seemed to be so busy with their new lives and activities and new friends. Felt like I was adrift in the ocean with nowhere to hold onto. But I’ve gotten more or less past that self-piteous state-lah. Lots of thanks and love go out to my beloved M I N (who knew about it) and H S I N (who didn’t), who have done a lot more for me about this than they’ll ever know. *muaks*

NOTE: This is a really nonsensical entry actually when I think about it. Don’t mind me, boys and girls.

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