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You know what I noticed!

About 80-90% of commenters who leave mean comments (whether about me or Tim)… are male. =0

So that means…. either women are not the petty ones… or mean people just like to identify themselves as men wtf.

Anyway ever since I was like 17 or 18 I’ve gotten quite a few comments asking me whether I got plastic surgery WTF.

The other day someone left a comment, so sure that I had plastic surgery that he asked me “why didn’t I blog about it”


But I didn’t get it and I thought he thought hair extensions = plastic surgery and I laughed but it turns out he’s very serious and he says he’s 100% sure that I did!  Because I look totally different now compared to the photos of me from 2005 especially “at the eye” wtf.

Well let me tell you that if I hadn’t changed physically over the years I woulda been screwed wtf.

Lemme show you what I mean!

The kid on the left was me at age 7-9?  Not too sure.  And before you ask who’s that next to me, no that’s not my maid wtf.  That’s me 2 years later at age 11 *shifty eyed

That’s me a year later, age 12 at Disneyland.  I liked tshirts that tied in the front and my pants were Tom and Jerry.  It’s really blurry so you can’t see just how bad my teeth were sticking out.

(Think this photo still fills Suet with horror and Tim with relief that he didn’t know me then wtf.  But my mother likes it for some reason and she blew it up and hung it in my room.)

Age 15.  Got contacts.  Middle parting, braces and dark as a coal miner T_T I was also on the Board of Directors for my high school Leo club so yay me! wtf. (obviously you know I didn’t get a position based on my looks)

Age 16-17.  Braces off (phew) and bad haircut growing out but still quite bad.

Age 18 I dunno why I got no pics!  Maybe I lost them… I only have a photo of myself with horrific makeup at my college prom and I looked like I fell into a bin of flour so that’s not a good gauge.

Age 19.  With Jolene and Meldee!  This was before I left for the States and I had permed hair (!!!) and my makeup skills had subtly improved.

Age 19, in Mt Holyoke now.  Cut my curls off  and met Angela for the first time <3

Age 20 (Sophomore year)  Hair grew out, got bangs.

(So until now got a lot of difference ar?)

Age 20, got back from the US, before I went to Japan.  Hair got blonder and more layered, makeup became more obvious.  I think here I started using liquid eyeliner instead of pencil.

Age 20 in Japan.  Makeup a lot more defined and darker…. hot damn I have gotten so complacent about doing my makeup these day look how dedicated I was back then!  Is this a sign of growing older ar.

Age 21. Got extensions.  God I’m not sure I can achieve this kind of excellence anymore wtf.

Still age 21.  Piled on even more makeup wtf.

Age 22.  Took off my extensions and got even blonder.  Started wearing color contact lenses.  Oh yea I started using foundation too.

Age 23.  Amazingly, started wearing less makeup.  Oh and I cut my hair and dyed it darker.  And kept up the enlarging contacts.  Left off the foundation, eyeliner and shadow and stuck to mascara and blusher.

Then until today la!  Age 24.  Got extensions again.  Minimal makeup with just contact lenses and lash extensions.  But don’t be fooled cos those two can alter your appearance a lot!

So do I look like I got surgery! At what age and what did you think I operated on? wtf

  • may

    If I do, i will secretly email you to see the post.

    i agree, make up makes a lot of difference. and contact lenses too..

    I think u grew skinnier too.

  • Jade Zheng

    you grow prettier & prettier!!! i guess we all do. *hopefully! now i want to see your wedding pictures. HAHAHA~

  • anoni

    haha the year u did not post any pic is the year u went plastic surgery lol

  • Samantha L.

    You have such nice skin. I don’t have ):

  • Kitsie-chan

    Ah~! the hair so pretty at 21. Die die I’ll never master the art of using a curling iron. x.x

    *first time commenter sneaks back to hide under a rock*

  • c.ho

    i actually quite like your hair in the 2nd last picture.. lol..

    mm.. you know, the eyelash extensions and contacts must really make a diff.. i thought you were using at least eyeliner!

  • Ming

    aud, u evolved into a pretty swan lar 😀

  • Jenn

    I think that person who made that comment, doesn’t know that a person’s features will change from time to time when growing up and growing older. @_@

    When a person starts to age, wrinkles, saggy face, dropped eyelids, that person been for plastic surgery also eh?? Even a going-to-be-mom or just-a-mom, will have changes…

    Anyway, he probably just see u’re getting prettier, eyes bigger and made that comment. That’s the magical or make-up dude. Forgive him for that… hahaha

    Interesting entry. kudos~~

  • Jenn

    sorry, I meant ‘magical of make-up’ 😛

  • Jayelle

    i see me!! omg. spaghetti tops were my staple. ew. 😀

  • Ping Ping

    audrey: trust me…tai ka che is NOT cute. T_T At least for my case. Hehe…

  • olivia

    eh i really like your 16-17 picture. you look so happy there haha.

  • Agnes

    everyone looks different from young till NOW! plus with the magic of make up and ‘plastic surgery’!

    I think those that said you have plastic surgery for real must be stupid or very stupid. wtf.

  • michy

    Omgosh! Massive big difference. I don’t think I’ll ever dare put up pictures of me when I was in primary school cox I look ALOT worse than u did back then. Not that I’m any better now anyway, but you look best now at 24! 😀

  • hbk

    get breast enlargement….huhu…

  • Audrey

    may: actually i got fatter! i put on like 7kg since i was 18…

    jade: hahaha aiya show yours first laaa wtf

    anoni: hahahaha ya i knew someone would say that!

    sam: no not really! just no obvious pimples:)

    kitsie: *lifts up rock to find you

    c.ho: ya power of lash extensions!

    ming: awww thanks ming /shy

    jenn: hahaha u sound so wise

    jo: i think they were everybody’s at some point! do do i wanna read!

    ping ping: haha i dont believe wtf

    olivia: really? the one where i looked like a maid? wtf

    agnes: hahahaah ya seriously i would die without makeup T_T

    michy: haha eh do this la i tag u!

    hbk: very classy of you

  • Ping Ping

    I did one before but I might re-do. Seriously last time I take picture right, all like people hutang me 1 million or what…

    All my pictures are of me showing the black-black-you-touch-me-you-die-face. Especially the pictures for IC or passport size ones. T_T

    I MIGHT do it since I’m way too free now. =))

  • Joanna

    Angela Zhang Shao Han, taiwanese singer. can try google image haha vy vy lookalike.

  • tzia

    no doubt that you getting more and more prettier. 😉

  • suze

    when you were 15 you looked like gigi leong!

  • looibee

    after reading your post, I logged on to my blog and found my “looibeelution”

    showed my friend and she went like, omg you looked so retarded last time.


  • Jenn

    LOL. Uh…. thank you???

    *stay happy, be prettier* wink

  • Hiew10y

    make up do make a lot of difference… that is why ppl thought you operated.

  • TianChad

    You are the hardworking lady that improving everyday~ ^@^

  • ahlost

    Where got plastic surgery wor? *piak the accuser*

  • Mindy

    u look so much like gigi leung in her younger days photo in the photo where u said u were 11!

  • Jaclyn

    U MUST teach us how you curl your hair!!! Since u r sooo good at it, must share!!! :p Do a tut!!!

  • June

    ignore plastic surgery comments, its usually by people who evolved into apes. By people who only got uglier with each passing year, instead of acquiring a good hair stylist and make up skills. Yeah, calling others ugly is so good for my self esteem. Thanks for dropping and commenting on my blog!

  • brenda

    wow, pretty pretty Aud!!
    I second Jaclyn, pls do makeup and hair curling tutorials!! T______T

  • Rileon

    wow, you’re damn hot at 21! you were a fugly kid though…

  • elaine

    Aud, i got my eye extension too..and color-contact lens too…it do make changes..Make us looks like “ah mou” or “japanese-kawaii”..

    I also support, you to so make up and curling TUTORIAL here!! ENCALL ENCALL!! 🙂

  • chefmel

    you grew up gracefully! Heheh, you look really pretty with light (blonder) hair colour tho and not many could put up with that colour ;p

  • serene

    I have been reading your blog for ages=D I did my SERevolution and hope you will read too=)

  • kiwibaby

    Hello =)
    Started following your blog a couple of weeks ago so I’ve seen your ‘now’ pics. It’s nice to see that despite how pretty you are now, you were also once a ‘victim’ to your parents fashion sense (I assume they chose your round glasses, mum cut your hair and they both let you take that age 11 pic) =p.
    I feel I can relate better now –
    Nice to meet you. =p

  • kate

    wow~ suprised at your pics before 16!
    u look awesome at age 21 with the hair extensions!!!
    but btw~ u still look cute wtf~ haha

    ps: jus starting to follow ur blog. so i’m ur fan wtf ^^
    pps: is tim doing it? u sud make him! XD haha

  • lyfedancer

    Hi! I wanted to know, where did you do yur extension? And how much it cost? Thanks!

  • Ju Ann

    ok its time.

    I am so going to get meself some enlarging contacts. Your eyes are so pretty!

    And blond suits you girl! 🙂

  • Raymond

    hey..long time didnt online d..
    so nice can see audvolution!
    u look so different from kid time..u knw what i mean.. but it s a good change! 🙂

  • bernice

    I’m going through my mid-self-revolution, so I’m learning from you Audrey and Angela too (:

    I hope to see an ANGIErevolution soon!!!

    Please angela, let us learn how you’ve changed, please pretty please?

    Thank you in advance.

    Much love,

  • 11

    omg i totally love your hair for the “age 21” pic!!!!!!!!!

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  • grace

    omg your 2nd photo looks like my chinese tutor from long ago. -_-

    cheers for make up and shaking off the bad style of the 90’s!!

  • ichigo

    your hair extensions before are really nice!!! very japanese style

  • eve

    may i know where u do ur hair extension? in Msia?

  • Szeshee

    woah! u looks like Ayumi Hamasaki!
    You’re truly a gorgeous.

  • miss chin

    would like to know where i can buy best buy natural color contact lens.recommendations??thank u
    miss chin

  • Rin

    Yappari Hamasaki Ayumi ni niteru wa :3 nnI’ve been hearing about you since the day my girlfriends were gossiping. It’s been two years now since that I was ‘introduced’ to this cute name of yours emphasizing your height. Maa, uchi mo amari se ga takakunai kedo, anta no shashin ni mittara, dan dan anta mitai ni, bijin ni naritai na to omou no yo. D: My Jap faltered so badly I don’t even know whether my bunpo is right or not. nnYoroshiku, KL kara, Rin Law desu. Rinchan to yonde ne. <3 TILL THEN