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Haven’t done an AudEveryday post for some time hor!

A bit missed it actually since my memory is horrifyingly getting even worse. I don’t even remember saying things I said to my friends a few weeks ago anymore WTF. Most of the time when they say “remember you said…” I just lie and say “ya ya what about it” wtf.

So here’s an Everyday post!



Fatty’s sister in law (which is also my sister in law wheee) recently had a baby girl! And combined with Wendy’s soon-to-be-born Dash, this gave me the perfect excuse to shop for baby clothes.

I’ve always been massively uninterested in babies so this was the first time I ever stepped into a baby store.

I didn’t realize baby clothes were so cute!!!!!!!!! Cute until I feel like ripping them to pieces!!!!!!! *goes on rampage

Went a bit nuts in the store wtf. People faster give birth more so I can shop again thank you.



Lunch the other day! Usually Fatty comes to pick me up for lunch or I drive out to meet him but this was one of the days he wasn’t free so…. tah dah simple lunch!

Rice with furikake on top and stir fried chopped up beans and kiam chye and minced pork. Called Mummy Ooi like seven times to ask her how to do it (also because my memory is so bad I kept forgetting the next step wtf).


An even lazier lunch. Lazy + didn’t feel like eating anything oily because I keep getting heartburn fml so I just boiled some soba and added it into a bottle of soba soup base from Isetan 😀 Damn healthy.

Then half an hour later hungry again fts.


Corgi pictures that Huiwen sent me HAHAHAHAHA because we realized we’re mutually obsessed with corgis.

Corgi!! You really float my boat wtf.


I’m not even sure what’s going on in this picture hahahahahahah.

Some outfit pics! Super floral and demure these days.


Skirt is from Foruchizu. Comes with the inner lace shorts peeking out.



Dress also Foruchizu.


Face is from makeup wtf.



Aztec maxi also Foruchizu. This is what I wore the other day for my facial at DrX.

Jammie was the one who first introduced me to DRx, an aesthetics clinic in Plaza Damas cos she knows the resident doctor there. 😀


My skin is very uneven toned, which is not visible in pictures and after makeup but bugs me to no end. Every beautician or dermatologist who I’ve come across sure tell me that my skin is very dull one. T____T

So Dr Jason (the doctor at DRx) put me on a special skin regime.



Here’s my new skincare routine ahem.

First tone face. I’m using Kose’s Sekkisei toner now. Then apply Comedone Formula on my T zone. Comedone Formula is to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads and it is freaking fantastic!

I used to have lots of whiteheads on my chin which would pop out whenever I put my tongue between my lower lip and my teeth and push out wtf. Damn gross one look like worms WTF.

But after a few weeks of using the CF, my T zone is totally smooth. Super love. Persistent blackheads are still there but whiteheads (the precursor to blackheads) are gone!

After CF, I apply the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector I mentioned a few posts ago on my dark spots.

Then I apply Max C which is actually Vitamin C, meant to brighten skin, followed by Vit-A Gel (Vitamin A) also to make skin glowy.

The Acne Spot Solution I only use when I get zits. Very effective at drying out and stunting zit growth I feel, more than tea tree oil which I normally use.

Then sunblock! No moisturizer, unless I feel that my skin is super tight or dry. The idea is to let the skin be a bit dry to regenerate faster.

I’ve been on this regime for about three months already and at first I didn’t notice a difference which is why I didn’t blog about it for so long. But in the past two weeks I think my skin looks a bit more even now! Not as dull also, even Mumsy Ooi commented that my skin looks brighter and finer! (and she’s usually quite critical of skin and beauty hahaha)



The other day I went back for a facial too. The one I did is called Essential Facial which essentially uses an ultrasound device (ya like the pregnancy thing) to clear your face of dirt, oil and blackheads, and then to push nutrients into your skin D: (including Vit A & C) and finishes off with a marine-derived ingredient mask.


Totally no makeup after facial.

Ok so DRx said they would give my readers a 50% discount off the first trial for the Essential Facial! All you have to do is quote my name when you book your appointment. You try for yourself and see ah. 🙂

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088



  • Revel in Me (hui wen)

    Why you never post the picture of the corgi with bread! Hahahaha


    If you give birth, you can shop for baby clothes as much as you want hahaha 😀

  • dy

    is the products expensive? how much does it ranges from?

  • Dylla Fadzil

    The babies clothes are undeniably cute and pretty and smell good!

  • Mich

    Of course the product range is expensive …… ideally allocate a minimal of at least RM 500 for your products….

  • Fourfeetnine

    yea besides drugstore brands, most skincare products WILL cost about that amount or more for a whole range. :X

  • Mich

    Yes you are right, imagine you use the whole range, at least RM1k. nI have been going to them, overall its good but very expensive. But what happens when you stop using their products? I m scared to think about it. Hahah nGood thing that you are partially sponsored.

  • ch3rylism

    Face is from makeup wtf. lol

  • Jo

    is there a deadline for the 50% facial offer?

  • Fourfeetnine

    The products are not magic what, your face will just slowly go back to what it was before la, especially if you don’t take care. nnIt’s not like it will wah horrifically turn into a monsters face or develop weird problems?

  • Fourfeetnine

    No deadline so far!

  • Camila

    Saw this gif and remembered about you corgi love affair, hahahah wtfn