Auntie Aud

Wah actually I don’t know what to blog about but old habits die hard wtf.

Everyday has been kind of the same for me la nothing much going on!  And I pai seh tell you my schedule cos everyday that passes, I’m getting auntier and auntier wtf.

I’m the epitome of mom now cos in between juggling Fighter and household stuff and work (blogging also counts ahem), I have no more time for myself!  It’s all I can do to apply concealer (to hide my Fighter eyebags) aih I should have gone as a raccoon for Halloween.

To show you  how auntie I am, here’s my to-do list:

  • Get quote from Mr Tan (because we are converting the study into Fighter’s room officially and moving our study downstairs!)
  • Mr Tan to fix kitchen sink
  • Make Amazon purchase nursing cover and baby sling
  • Post DRx effect (cos I did some laser work the other day)
  • Reorganize Fighter’s drawer

But I digress.

Photo update of whatever little I’ve been up to lately!

Now I may have nothing to blog about but occasionally I’d think of doing “A day in my life” themed blog posts where I’d just put down whatever I did that day sort of to preserve memories no matter how mundane (since my memory is quite horrific).  That’s why I even have an AudEveryday category on my blog!

But very hard to do cos I’m not used to taking photos of everything I do in a day, and it’s also a huge time commitment to sit down everyday and blog about whatever I did.

So when I saw a few people updating about this new app Dayre I was like OHHHH SET LA.

Dayre’s whole concept is about keeping a diary through your phone.  Basically you can update it with text, photos, stickers whatever throughout the day and the app will collate whatever you posted during that day into one “diary entry”

You’ll get it if you use it.  So faster download please (search “Dayre” on App Store and Google Play)… and follow me wtf.  *whore


I’m in a competition with Fatty over who gets the most followers on Dayre.  Obviously I’m winning wtf hahaha but at first he was leading and he was like IN YO FACE wtf… so GAME ON BITCH.  He’s going DOWN like the economy.



My Dayre screenshots.

The difference between Dayre and my is that I guess Dayre will be quicker and shorter updates.. but more frequent as well.  I plan to use it to really document my day to day — like whether today I dig my nose or not or if I stepped on dog shit wtf.  Basically all the smaller stuff that I don’t normally talk about and the uglier pictures lolol i.e. pics I don’t dare post on Instagram cos I’m a popular page ho like that.

And will be for longer… editorials?  More of my feelings and opinions, and if I post photos, I would probably say more about them because I have more time.

So it’s quite a nice balance I think.  I’m excited!


I was on ntv7’s Bella the other day with Michelle (from Nuffnang) to talk about blogging for money!  Hosted by Daphne Iking who is the most beeyootiful Malaysian celebrity to me at least.


See all these adorable shots of Fighter?

Thirty seconds before he spat up… all over me. T_____T

Down my shirt and INSIDE my bra seriously Fighter your aim is so awesome you should be a Walking Dead survivor.

You see his face!!! After throwing up on mommy he’s all satisfied and pleased looking. T______T


The aftermath wtf.


Went for Vivy and Fadza’s baby’s cukur jambul (sort of like our full moon).

Their baby’s party is nicer than our wedding FOL.

Congratulations F & V!


We wanted to give Baby D a little something.  Here I am walking up to their house hastily licking the envelope to seal it wtf.


Featured in Singapore’s The New Paper!  They interviewed me on cyberbullying and that incident where those two Filipino bitches targeted me and Fighter and called for his euthanization.


Good pictures of us!  And hi Wendy’s leg lolol.Untitled

Last weekend when Mumsy and Fat Her came over to visit me their grandson.




UntitledThis pink lipstick looks nice in pictures but in real life I look like a corpse. I’ve finally accepted that my skin is just not made for pink. 🙁


  • sgrmse.

    love love LOVE your top in the last two photos – where’d you get it? also, it’s so nice that singapore media is always so supportive of bloggers & news about them. hardly ever see any coverage in newspapers here, tsktsk.

  • LihLih

    We’ll follow you, wherever you already win Tim, maybe Tim should upload tons of Fighter’s picture to attract people to follow

  • Mandy

    Hello Audrey! I’ve been your reader for 2 years! I realized that you do look different after giving birth to Fighter. I’m wondering if is it your makeup that make you look different? I’m looking forward to your latest (everyday)makeup tutorial if you do have time to write us one! Simply love the way you look in that simple and no-make-up look :))))

  • Gabriella

    I’m Filipino and I’ve been such an avid reader and fan of you and Timothy since the meme proposal. I apologize for those two who heartlessly bashed you and your baby. I just want to say that we, Filipinos, are not at all that way. I am embarrassed because of how those two acted but please know that the Filipinos are generally loving and kind-hearted people 🙂

  • yingxia

    even if you blog about your seemingly boring life, it’s still interesting.. cos mothers always have interesting stuff popping out from the seemingly mundane life. and the fact that you’re becoming more and more auntie is funny itself hahaha. audtie!! fourfeetnine ftw!

  • Carol

    Hey Aud! Good to see fighter and you both doing well. :)nnWell, this is unrelated, but is there anything on foruchizu that is not sold out? Hehe, looking for dresses la. When is the new stock coming in? 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha no more new stocks! We decided to put a hold on foruchizu online cos we both cannot cope with the workload for now D: but look out for a return collaboration with isetan soon!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha ok la I embrace the auntiness!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thank you! I totally understand – I have Filipino friends and they’re wonderful. It’s just unfortunate that those two happen to be from the phillipines 🙁

  • Fourfeetnine

    Isit! I don’t know I think my makeup is the same? Or did it change and I didn’t realize wtf. Either ways ok maybe I’ll do a tutorial soon!

  • Fourfeetnine

    HAHAAHAH thank you!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Top is from !!

  • TenshiChn

    Haha.. why Fighter always spit on you… maybe he thinks you need a shower ;P Just kidding.nnYour life is never mundane! Or else no one would be reading la. Haha.. Keep it up ^^nn

  • Emily

    Hi Audrey,nI came to know your blog from Singapore’s The New Paper. Just wanna drop by to say HELLO… You and Fighter are equally CUTE… He really looks like you by the way… I read about your post on the cyber bullies and I think you really handled the situation VERY WELL! Well done and keep up the good job!nnEmily @

  • Shierlyn

    Fighter is getting chubbier!!! So cute!

  • pL

    last outfit – cute! but OMG! the studded shorts look super scary… and painful!

  • michellesy

    “Thirty seconds before he spat up… all over me. T_____T” – how can he look so angelic and so darned innocent right before a spewfestnHis projectile velocity very geng though, can masuk bra wtf

  • aii

    Hi Audrey, i’m having fun reading your blog as well as Tim’s site but i’m so embarrassed how the 2 Filipino bullied fighter because i am a Filipino and i’m not like that or we’re not like that.n