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Time for another AudEveryday post which just means a random collection of pictures from everywhere that have been taken recently.  I have so much to blog about actually! I wanna write about Fighter’s sleeping and solids eating but Imma leave those for another day cos they deserve blog posts to themselves.

So where was I? *rubs hands

Oh ya pictures from recently! Lemme try to categorize them into events.

1. Fighter says hi.




HAHAHAHHAA SO DAMN CUTE I CANNOT DEAL. Backstory: Fatty came home from work one day and I decided to greet him by waiting on top of the stairs holding Fighter in a standing pose, like Fighter was waiting for his daddy to come home.

It was so cute when Fatty’s sister Fayth came home, I asked Fatty to do the same thing to her. These pictures were taken when Aunty Fayth came home hahahaha.

2. Fighter gets a haircut

No barbershops for Fighter. It’s go big or go home wtf. We did a mommy-baby photoshoot for ViVi magazine (coming out in May issue!) so I asked 76style to help me trim Fighter’s sideburns which were getting out of hand (and in Fighter’s case, out of face wtf). Apparently Hikky and Sato san were fighting over who gets to give Fighter his first haircut hahahahaha. Hikky said she always does my hair right from the beginning but Sato…apparently Sato is Fighter’s biggest fan wtf.

How we did it was I held him like this and Hikky would hold him steady and hold a towel around him. Then Sato would deftly grab the hair on the side of his head and snip.

Fighter would feel something so he’d whip his head around. And Sato would quickly grab the hair on the other side of the head and snip again. And Fighter would turn his head again. And the cycle continues. HAHAHAHA. His hair is super neat now which I love cos he’s even more handsome now! Totally unbiased mother here wtf.

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Sato san sitting and playing with Fighter while I got my makeup done. Told you he’s a fan.

I said, “Sato san, teach Fighter some Japanese!”

Sato: “Japanese? Okay.”

Then can hear him mumbling at the back to Fighter, “おはようございます。こんにちは。僕の名前はファイターです。”


3. Pictures that don’t fit in a category

Just Fighter chilling in his high chair. I got him a proper chair cos he hates his booster seat. He seems to like this a lot better luckily. Cos this chair is quite expensive wtf. *clutches money. It’s Stokke’s Tripp Trapp and Wendy and my sister in law both swear by it so okay I follow!

Not sure why his face like this.  Maybe just got a scolding hahaha.

He’s learning to understand when he’s in trouble already!  The other day he went completely berserk I dunno why.  He was just screaming and yelling and flailing his limbs.  No amount of coaxing and soothing and carrying would appease him.  I knew he was just throwing a tantrum cos there was no tears and he was just being angry.

He yanked my hair hard until I had tears in my eyes wtf and I’m not the one crying ok.  So I got fed up and put him into his cot and told him sternly to stop crying because I know he’s just throwing a tantrum.

He immediately quietened down and looked at me wide eyed.  Like very wary like that cos he’s never seen me not smile at him.  I refused to smile and continued to talk to him sternly.

After a while I also softened and stroked his hair and spoke gently.  He see me like that he also smile and wriggled his body in happiness hahahaha.  Tantrum totally forgotten.

Last weekend while we were having dinner he again throw tantrum and couldn’t be pacified.  So Fatty spoke to him sternly and he understood again!

He sat quietly in Fatty’s lap and looked down meekly and played with his fingers, his cheeks jutting out cos he had his head down hahahahaha. My heart was melting at this point but Fatty and I promised ourselves we would always be united in front of our kids so I didn’t say anything.

Sorta like this.

Just me and Fatty. We take so many pictures of Fighter we forget to take ourselves already.

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Roly poly is obsessed with eating his toes recently. I like his sheer faith and optimism here. So confident he can reach his toes that he already opened his mouth in anticipation hahahaha.

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

What did I tell you wtf.

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

He and his new Ram Friend. It’s round and fluffy and therefore very attractive to him.

4. Bought new bras wtf

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Went for a much needed bra fitting the other day at Triumph! Since you know my bra size has been catapulting around ever since pregnancy wtf. Anyway I have tons of lingerie but I always end up buying lacy colorful stuff which cannot be worn with 95% of my clothes. -_- I always end up wearing the same one black and one nude bra only wtf. So I desperately needed new ones and promised myself I’d be sensible.

Found the perfect lingerie for my needs from Triumph Body Makeup line! Comes in all pastel colors (also got nude and black la) and its key points are its invisibility under clothing and 360 degree smooth fit.

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

I’m always suffering from obvious bras and visible underwear line wtf so I got like 5 sets!

5. Random outings with Bobo


Taken with Bobo’s awesome Sony camera. I love her camera and she loves mine wtf grass is always greener.


She’s like my event buddy TM.

6. I did fillers at DRx!

On my way there.

My left eye has always had an eyebag issue but lately it’s going from bad to worse.

WTF is this shit!? This was taken with my magic camera ok. Also known as the camera  who will not let any flaw or blemish through. And even the magic camera cannot handle the monstrosity that is my eyebag. Worse still I am not even smiling here wtf.  Imagine if I smiled!

Eyebags occur when the fat under your eyes sags downwards creating a hollow there and making dark circles even more obvious. I hate that I look older and haggard cos of this so I went to DRx for help.

Most permanent way to erase eyebags is surgery but I didn’t want anything so drastic plus I’m still quite young la ok (you. College student. Not talking to you wtf) if I do surgery now, in 20 years what am I gonna do!? A safer less drastic option is fillers which I chose.

This filler brand was just released in Malaysia and I think DRx is like the earliest clinic to have it. Apparently super good and the filler is of course hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in our bodies and thus isn’t harmful at all. Moisturizing in fact)


My left eye (which is the eye on the right) is done! The eyebag there has always been worse but now you see when I smile the eye pouch there is already higher than the other eye’s!

All done! Picture no filter/makeup mode/editing. It’s very subtle cos I don’t want those tear bags to be gone but I love it! My eyebags aren’t visible anymore and it still looks natural! I don’t think you can tell I did something if I didn’t say.

If you’re looking for a consultation on skin or face, check out DRx. Their doctor DR J

Okay dying of narcolepsy. Setakat ini sahaja kali ini.

  • msbulat

    I wonder what fighter feels hearing something so foreign from sato San hahahahah

  • pohnee

    Yeah he’s damn cute! ♥♥♥ HAHA

  • Elisabeth

    Tim looks super skinny in this particular pic!nRam friend is super cute and so does Fighter ♡nand the bras so beautiful, i also feel like want to get it now. hehe

  • michelle

    hi audreyncan i know where did u buy the highchair .?n

  • Anonymous

    Baby eating toes=Baby will have sibling. Confirm.

  • al

    Came across your blog after learning about baby Fighter:)nSomeone very dear to me recently delivered a very tiny babe too…. and after reading about your baby and your family, I’m much encouraged!!nnThanks very very much for sharing, and best blessings to you all:)

  • siaokau369

    babe , what is your cup size?nthey look big and supple!!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    what’s your ball size? they sound like peas.

  • Fourfeetnine

    it’s from stokke!

  • June

    Hey I have eyebags too don worry you are not alone and I totally understand how you feel! I’m finding ways to solve it too and just curious such filler has any side effect? And how long it last? Do I have to do it frequent in the beginning?