Another simply every day post

Not on purpose hor, but I’ve been so caught up in the day to day with the kids and everything I haven’t had time to sit down properly and write also. :'(

Here’s what’s been happening lately.  AKA the best photos compiled of late hahaha.


Fighter’s developed a specific preference for this onesie dunno why!  So every time he sees it in the laundry basket he snatches it up and brings it to us to wear.

I think I wanna burn this onesie already hahahahaha.



This OOTD is so much better okay!



Fighter’s also developed a streak of independence.  Here’s him helping to fill up his own bathtub. <3


And him attempting to feed himself.  Spoon handling skills nowhere near there yet but he’s trying!  And I bought him a full Rilakkuma set – plate, soup bowl, utensils and cup to encourage him.

Who cares about the floor!! wtf



Attended a Uniqlo shopping event with Dayre Mums and got lots of stuff for Fighter and Penny!


Finally picked up Penny’s stroller!  Isn’t it a beaut!!! Never thought I’d find a pastel pink stroller hehehe.

Went for the Stokke Scoot this time and I’m thinking of writing a review of it vs the Bugaboo Bee soon!


Took the kids swimming.


Of course only Fighter la Penny naps by the side for now hehehe.


Appeared on Bella NTV7 with Bobo and Raja Nadia for a segment on fashion bloggers 😀



My side profile very nice ah WTF.

OOTD details – Vest from BCBG Max Azria, jeans from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.



DId more twinning outfits with these two!

This theme is white singlets with denim bottoms.


Marvel over how cute my Penny Lane is.



Fighter’s also very annoying recently cos he’s doing this thing where he doesn’t wanna look at the camera if we’re taking pictures.  See his kuai lan face hahaahha.



He’s also very into wearing glasses these days.



But not into the fact that Daddy needs to go shower.  WTF.  #reasonmykidiscrying #assholeparentfortakingabath



Fighter’s school term at Julia Gabriel ended so he “graduated” from his term hehehe.  Here he is receiving his certificate.



Cute leh his outfit.



On a day I bothered to put on makeup.



Fighter also damn loving to Penny these days *hearts in eyes

He’s always patting her gently on her head now and when we pretend to make her kiss him he gets super happy lolol.  Here he’s actually trying to feed her his raisins wtf.



Anther twinning outfit.  This is black outfits with white lettering.

Koko so generous trying to share his sunglasses with Penny. -_-




Penny’s solo OOTD. HAHAHA HER FACE. Blue gingham pinafore, blue shoes and mittens.



My baby can wink better than me. FML.



Attempted to make dessert…


Mango sticky rice! Very yummy and idiot proof. 😀



Fighter’s also developed a thing for hats.



While Penny’s learned how to stand.  (well, nearly.)



Sibling staring contest ongoing wtf.




Just hanging out with these two critters. ^^



Took damn nice shots of these two!  Seriously Fatty should learn from me wtf.



Attended Perfecto launch with these two boys.IMG_20150527_211354OOTD details: Fig & Viper dress, Boy Chanel bag, JC shoes.

Busy or not!? See got legit reason for not updating lolol.  Proper blog post soon!!!


  • Sarah

    What a beautiful family! 🙂 Fighter has always been a cutie and Penny is just adorable. They are both blessed to have such wonderful parents.

    Much love.

  • yuene

    Aw, they are so cute! And you look fabulous–looks like you dropped all that weight from the pregnancy!

  • Cher

    Hi Audrey! Just wanted to know if Fighter goes to Julia Gabriel in Citta Mall or Bangsar? Am thinking of sending my tot to the one in Citta Mall 🙂

  • fourfeetnine

    He goes to the Bangsar one 🙂

  • fourfeetnine

    No still a few more kg to go hahaha

  • fourfeetnine

    Thank you Sarah!

  • Janice Lee

    Hi Audrey, may i know where’s the shop located that Fighter holding the hat?

  • fourfeetnine

    It’s in Publika! Next to Library coffee bar