My first daily vlog

I’ve decided to start dabbling in video a little bit.

So the other day (this was actually a few weekends back :X) I turned on my camera and just let it run the whole day.  To capture an average Saturday with us and Fighter and Mochi.

And let me say, I dunno how people like It’s Judy’s Life does it wtf.  It’s so damn hard! How does one get anything done in a day if they’re holding a camera the entire time?

Like if I’m by myself (without Fatty or nanny) it’s crazy la how ah. I’d be carrying Penny or Fighter who I swear will be trying to swat the camera out of my hand or eat it or something.

So there’s a whole chunk of the day missing actually when I took Penny to a birthday party by myself (Fighter was napping at home).  My arms were just full of her and diaper bag and birthday present (and food wtf) I didn’t get to record at all.

So for Judy who actually successfully records her day, I can see why haters would say she’s a shit mom cos it seems like she’d only be focusing on capturing video and not actually parenting.  But no leh I see it as she’s a super good multitasker why these people so full of hate one. *harumphs wtf

Besides the very tiring filming I actually had fun making this video.  Quite fun to edit, maybe next time got alternate career for me wtf.  (Say only actually my editing skills very bad plus I used Windows Movie Maker which basically cannot do anything besides trim clips and add 90s style visual effects wtf)

So here’s our day.  Be warned that it’s full of whining and crying and shaky hands ok fml.

Hehe what do you think! Should I make more videos?  Or to rephrase, do you want to see more Fighter and Penny clips? *bribery* Hahahaha no seriously thanks for watching. 😀

  • Jonathan Lee

    Fighter’s “Hi” was super coy! The most engaging vlogger is CaseyNeistat on YouTube – you should check him out!

  • melmonica

    More pls! The shakiness reminds me of Paranormal Activity (look and feel) but yours is the cute edition lol. It’s quite entertaining. Keep it up yo! *thumbs up* 🙂

  • lightupyourdays2

    Ohmygosh you also watch itsjudyslife!!
    Sorry for being random..I used to read your blog then stopped cause my phone too outdated and too lazy to download dayre again after failing to update to the latest version..don’t know why today i just suddenly thought of visiting your blog today and wuauuuuuuwwwww! You mentioned itsjudyslife!! She is my fave youtuber alongside with bubzbeauty! It somehow makes my evening haha. Have a good December, merry Christmas and happy new year fourfeetnine and family!