Rubbish update

I don’t really feel the need to write AudEveryday posts now cos that’s what Dayre is for but I feel like I should blog today and my brain is fried hahaha. No energy for blog posts where I need brain juice wtf so lemme just fart out a blog post on what we’ve been up to.  Especially for you who doesn’t read my Dayre *stares wtf.

So Fatty’s new venture is gearing up and I’m really starting to feel working mom life!  Yesterday we had a meeting that dragged on for ages D: I still had one more meeting and I asked if we could adjourn to our house instead so I could see the kids before they sleep. :X

For the first time in my life, I experienced being in a discussion while stirring milk powder into a bottle of water while Penny stared at me as though hypnotized lolol.  Ended the day exhausted but my schedule is really still very flexible so I’m just a wimp la ok hahaha.


Fatty’s also been maximizing his time at home with these two leeches. Who are sticking to him like glue lol.


Fatty ran his first ever half marathon recently! With his EO forum mates.


So the wives came out to cheer on them as a surprise! Congrats Fatty <3


Breakfast afterward. Here’s Penny and Kay watching Youtube lolol.


Also cut my bangs much shorter than normal! Super love it la although now have to draw brows more evenly cannot hide behind my hair anymore wtf.


Caught this fella picking her nose in her auntie Uniqlo pajamas hahahaha.


My everything buddy wtf.  Our new routine is go to weekly wet market together then adjourn for hawker food brunch later oh god I am so auntie now.


Lost Fighter’s permission slip for his school field trip and had to beg for another one from the teacher. On the last day to submit wtf.  Here I am hastily filling it out on the wall.

And then teacher just texted me to tell me that I haven’t paid for the school trip either cos I forgot to pay this term’s fees WTF. #uselessmother


So far I’ve been keeping up with exercise pretty well! Mostly cos my Everything Buddy eggs me on, and also cos the trainer comes over so I got no excuse to escape wtf.


Fighter and his friends. <3


We’re also renovating our house!  More updates when it comes to the more fun part (not wet works or hacking)


My favorite room might be the bathroom. <3


Dealt with an unwanted pregnancy lolol. For some reason Fighter and Penny are obsessed with babies inside tummies. :X (Oh ya cos their auntie is pregnant so they also wanna be preggers wtf)


Penny’s work of art pinned on the wall  – a paper wok of paper noodles and wantan hahaha. (and spring onions)


Penny and one of her birthday presents – a doll’s crib. *cough* She’s trying to sleep next to her baby doll.


Held the Aunties Flea the other day at The Front Room with the Competitive Aunties and my Everything Buddy!  Bigly success! Thanks for coming everyone we had a blast 😀




One of the mornings before school hehe.


Hiao po in the playground, taken by her school teacher.


When we took Penny to pick out her birthday present.


Decisions, decisions.


Kids have been swimming a lot recently!


Drinking hot Milo after their swim.


And I’ve been taking the occasional selfie wtf thanks Huawei front camera. ^^


Brunch with Jammie and Suet who are back!


Sieu Ee and David hosted us for bak kut teh dinner! SOooo good. Which has inspired me to try making bak kut teh again tomorrow wtf. *strong arms emoji


While the Front Room treated us to this beautiful waffles omg I don’t even normally like waffles.


Took an Aussie friend around and did the obligatory stop at the Twin Towers.


Twinned with Penny.


Penny describing Grandpa’s face FHL.

OK that’s all folks wtf.

  • Yulia

    When you and Cheesie used to be so close, I always imagined that once you guys had children, you would be mommy friends. Did you guys just drift apart randomly before the whole QQ saga?

  • Mrs Pip

    Haha, penny last pic soooo cute ….