Another long overdue update!

The days rush by so quickly they nearly collide with each other and day to day I can’t even remember what I’ve been doing with my time. T___T I feel like my whole life is gonna rush by and Imma be a grandma by the time I know it and I won’t even remember what happened wtf.

So I’m forcing myself to update more!  Some of these you guys have probably seen on my Instagram but whatever, read again WTF.

2018-08-12 08.38.00 1

Fighter turned five!  Yay! For months he requested a birthday party at the trampoline park so Mom the Genie made it happen wtf.

2018-08-12 08.35.34 1

Current obsession: buildings and cities!  So for his cake, we put a bunch of famous tall buildings on it: the Petronas Twin Towers, Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai (his favorite wtf), the Eiffel Tower, the Shard, Burj Khalifa, and Lotte Tower in Seoul.

2018-08-12 08.35.34 2

Totally winning mom points here.


Did a celebration in school too!  Here’s him with all the girls.  And SY whom he calls his future wife next to him. :X Lolol.


Building cupcakes!  Guess the iconic buildings wtf.


See.  Draw them together some more hahahaha.  (The Chinese words no meaning one he just likes writing random Chinese words)



2018-08-16 09.58.02 1

Fighter also started Korean lessons!  He’s been bugging me since last year okay and like any sane mom I ignored him WTF.  Cos he was four and I didn’t know if he was serious.  His Kpop and Korean obsession lasted longer than my mind though and since he’s asking a year later, I found a tutor that comes to our house.

He’s already learning Mandarin and Malay in school in addition to English so I don’t really want to burden him further.  So his lessons are very fun! They basically either listen to Kpop and discuss the lyrics, or have conversations where the teacher translates concepts and phrases for him in Korean.

2018-08-30 10.51.08 1

Us at Riuh the last round.

2018-07-05 01.27.17 2

Oh er here’s me being all business like wtf.

2018-07-05 11.25.52 2

I gave my first ever talk on “entrepreneurship” at a JCI event! I was super reluctant to do it initially cos hello Fatty is the universally identified entrepreneur not me.  But I also wanted to push myself la and open the doors for more female entrepreneurs in Malaysia?

In the end I spoke about not the usual trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur, cos honestly I’m involved in the creative side of Colony only, but about what I learned so far.  ^^

2018-07-19 07.04.14 3

We launched Colony @ Eco City !! I already wrote a blog post about it so not gonna elaborate but these are some of my favorite people who came to support! <3 Disclaimer: got others just not in this photo. Hahahah.

2018-07-19 07.04.15 1

Dessert table!

2018-08-21 05.12.10 1

Made new friends!


The kids at Colony @ Eco City.

2018-08-27 09.34.26 1

Milestone: Got suited up in my special furry bathrobe, Olaplex in my hair and cling wrap on my head, when the buyer that was coming to my house to buy something from me called WTF.  So I had to go down and see her like this, plus an army print jacket I threw on for modesty.

Her boyfriend was there too. FML.

2018-07-31 12.27.25 1

Took the kids to the Mini Zoo at Menara KL one day!  Penny loves bunnies and kitties #clichedchild

2018-08-05 03.49.51 1

I was more interested in feeding the raccoons.  Okay fine, getting a nice picture of us feeding the raccoons.

2018-09-09 06.52.20 1

Celebrated Wei Zhi’s #littlestar at her baby shower!  She also damn unfair lo super pretty and not bloated during pregnancy one. *stares at old preggers photos of self


Started a collaboration with a new aesthetics clinic, BeauLife!  Their facial is super impressive. *starry eyed.  More on the highlights in my Instagram stories!


Just a pretty girl cycling wtf.


And a handsome boy.


I’ve been fairly domesticated recently!  Baked like five batches of oatmeal raisin cookies for a bake sale that Penny’s school had.  For charity wtf.

So anyway the story is, these oatmeal raisin cookies are really yummy!  They’re chewy and I reduced the sugar by more than half so considered healthy la (actually cos I don’t like overly sweet food wtf).  So I baked and packed the cookies into little bags for sale.  Fighter and Fatty love the cookies so I even had to hit their hands to stop them from eating too many later got nothing to sell wtf.

So put in a lot of work la right.  But nobody bought them WTF.  Maybe because they look like bits of dried diarrhea la *honest.  And worse, Fighter was the only one who wanted to buy my cookies.

So basically. I bought the ingredients and packing bags.  Baked and packed everything.  And had to then repurchase my own cookies for an inflated price to give my son. FML.


Got a Philips Instant Pot too and I love it!


I’ve been trying to cook more so the kids will think of my food when I’m dead wtf.  I’ve been making lots of one pot recipes because lazy wtf.  One thing at a time yo.  This is claypot chicken rice.


This is our weekly batch of chicken stock.  Every week I buy a whole kampung chicken and boil chicken stock out if it.  I freeze the stock and use it over the week in cooking.

For chicken stock, I add onions, celery and carrots.


Honey soy chicken which was a big hit!


Garlic bread – also very popular!


Green curry, which was not wtf.  I followed recipe but I don’t know what I did wrong la – my green curry tasted like spicy milk HAHAHAHA.


The kids investigating a bunch of ants carrying a dead bee to their nest. 😐


Fighter’s drawing of…. mountains. *unsure


Penny had her first sports day!  She wasn’t too excited wtf.

2018-09-02 08.48.15 1

Took a weeklong trip to Singapore!  That tired ah Fighter wtf.  This was in MBS after a visit to the Art Science Museum.


They had these projections where you could color in objects, scan your picture and have it be broadcast on the walls in video form.

Here’s Penny with her red building.


Nice art, Penny. LOL.


Fighter’s one is the yellow building with the red roof.


And us playing with light boxes.


*takes deep breath* Hahahahahahha.

One afternoon, this Anna suddenly ran up to me…. and zipped down my shorts WTF.  She managed to kiap the skin of my waist in the zipper (you know la loose skin from pregnancy and all wtf) and I couldn’t help it; I screamed.  She got a shock cos I’ve never been this loud before I guess, and burst into tears.  Then end up cringing in pain, I still had to comfort her. FML ahahahaha.


At Colony, outside we have these frog statues.  One day when the kids were there, Penny happened to walk past these statues.  She did a double take, then went back to pai pai the statue cos she thought the frogs were praying to her HAHAHAHA.


  • Tanya

    Hi Audrey! I actually got the Philips Instant Pot too after seeing your instagram story! I was just wondering whether or not you could share the recipe for the claypot chicken rice?

  • Tiffany Lim

    Hi Audrey, mind sharing the recipe for your less sweet oatmeal raisin cookies?

  • Francisca Lim

    So CUTE!

  • Hallyu Surfer

    우와.. 완전 부럽다. 나도 한국말 배우고싶다.


    i swear, i love you, audrey! you never fail to make me laugh. I WOULD’VE TOTALLY BOUGHT YOUR COOKIES! :’D jude looks so much like baz.

  • bella red

    look so interesting