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Lipstick on your collar

I received this adorable little paper bag from Estee Lauder the other day. And inside was lipsticks! So today Imma do a lipstick review. Notable because this is my first ever lipstick review! *waits for applause *gets none Anyway. *clears … Continue reading

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With great power comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility comes shitty skin. When I say great responsibility, I mean motherhood. Lolol. Although I may look like I’m super unaffected by motherhood and still look glowing and slim and whatever, … Continue reading

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Stand and Deliver

So you know how I’m like a serious fan of Tesco Online. So I was thinking about the convenience of getting groceries delivered right to the doorstep and it occurred to me there was another way of using it. It’s … Continue reading

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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Before I start, I present to you… My face! Lolol.  No la just wanna show because I just redid my hair color to a very beautiful dark lavender grey (which I am totally keeping btw no more kam mou ok) … Continue reading

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How much sugar are you eating?

At the risk of sounding like an overly paranoid parent, I was glad the other day I got to sit down with Redmummy and Prof. Rahimah, an oral health expert working with Colgate to talk about dental health and hygiene, … Continue reading

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The great neutralizer

The last time I brushed my teeth in public was when I was in primary school and the roving truck with the dental nurses came to teach us how to brush our teeth. The best part was getting a free … Continue reading

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Black or red?

There’s two things I’d order whenever I step into a McDonald’s. Either a Chicken McNuggets McValue meal, or…. A Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!! (set of course) I grew up eating Chicken McNuggets and Chicken McNuggets are always a very convenient food – … Continue reading

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Look sharp

You know how much is my electricity bill? Rm400-500. Every single month. SIAO OR NOT SIAO YOU TELL ME. The culprit obviously is the air conditioning.  Everyone knows air cons consume the most energy. And this is only for a … Continue reading

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On LINE Shopping

As you know, Fatty and I are huge fans of Line, the messenger app. ^^ Fatty even blogged about it before!  These screenshots were before I got my much beloved and overused Stitch stickers hahaha so I was still using … Continue reading

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The extinction of dry skin

Ok listen up everyone. I’ve officially found the best product for lazy people. No not this hands free kit. Hahahahha. To be precise, the best product for lazy, busy, but still wanna be healthy/vain people. It’s sitting in our shower … Continue reading

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