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A day in Aud’s life: 3 April 2014

Decided to do a Day in My Life blog post again, partly because Fatty’s always asking what I do every day, and I myself don’t even know how I spend my time and I never feel productive. *sad So! This … Continue reading

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Lipstick on your collar

I received this adorable little paper bag from Estee Lauder the other day. And inside was lipsticks! So today Imma do a lipstick review. Notable because this is my first ever lipstick review! *waits for applause *gets none Anyway. *clears … Continue reading

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With great power comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility comes shitty skin. When I say great responsibility, I mean motherhood. Lolol. Although I may look like I’m super unaffected by motherhood and still look glowing and slim and whatever, … Continue reading

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Stand and Deliver

So you know how I’m like a serious fan of Tesco Online. So I was thinking about the convenience of getting groceries delivered right to the doorstep and it occurred to me there was another way of using it. It’s … Continue reading

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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Before I start, I present to you… My face! Lolol.  No la just wanna show because I just redid my hair color to a very beautiful dark lavender grey (which I am totally keeping btw no more kam mou ok) … Continue reading

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How much sugar are you eating?

At the risk of sounding like an overly paranoid parent, I was glad the other day I got to sit down with Redmummy and Prof. Rahimah, an oral health expert working with Colgate to talk about dental health and hygiene, … Continue reading

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The great neutralizer

The last time I brushed my teeth in public was when I was in primary school and the roving truck with the dental nurses came to teach us how to brush our teeth. The best part was getting a free … Continue reading

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Black or red?

There’s two things I’d order whenever I step into a McDonald’s. Either a Chicken McNuggets McValue meal, or…. A Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!! (set of course) I grew up eating Chicken McNuggets and Chicken McNuggets are always a very convenient food – … Continue reading

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Look sharp

You know how much is my electricity bill? Rm400-500. Every single month. SIAO OR NOT SIAO YOU TELL ME. The culprit obviously is the air conditioning.  Everyone knows air cons consume the most energy. And this is only for a … Continue reading

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On LINE Shopping

As you know, Fatty and I are huge fans of Line, the messenger app. ^^ Fatty even blogged about it before!  These screenshots were before I got my much beloved and overused Stitch stickers hahaha so I was still using … Continue reading

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