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7 superpowers parents have

Following up from my previous blog post on Panadol and “Unnecessary headaches parents face“, it occurred to me that parents are superheroes.  Now everyone knows that; it’s not a new revelation.  Moms and dads give things up for their children … Continue reading

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Five ingredients for the perfect movie night

Now as you all know, Fatty and I are hardcore partiers.  And weekends are the best time to party our brains out.  When the kids are asleep, it’s time for the parents to come out and play! Woo hoo! Off … Continue reading

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Are you the next face of Xperia?

Now I normally don’t write contest announcements…   LOLOL.   I think all my readers know I’m a big fan of Sony Xperia and their Z phones.  This was my first photo after getting my Xperia Z3 hahaha saying hi … Continue reading

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All that glitters is gold

Got a gold bar dropped off at my house the other day. #nobigdeal Hahaha obviously it’s not a real gold bar!  But what do you think is inside?  Very unexpected one. A gold toothbrush!  (not for brushing gold teeth) It’s … Continue reading

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Pock and Roll

You know what one of my favorite snacks was when I was a kid? You know what one of my favorite snacks is now I’m an adult? Hahahaha. You get the picture. Did you know that Pocky in Malaysia used … Continue reading

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Reading with McDonald’s

  Me and Fighter at McDonald’s today.  Bought him a Happy Meal, of which fries I ate most of. O_O Oh god I’m turning into my dad hahahaha I used to get so mad whenever he ate my fries when … Continue reading

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Take a chill pill

It’s hard being a parent.  In addition to the everyday tasks that come with having kids – making sure they’re fed, clothed and relatively clean at the barest minimum, you’ve also gotta grapple with the big stuff… like how to … Continue reading

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Having faith in face

Hello! This post is going to be very straightforward hor.  How many of you ladies use facial masks regularly put your hands up? *arms stay firmly at my sides wtf I’m not too bad at my skincare routine.  I NEVER … Continue reading

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How Fighter inspired the passing of a law

Recently someone alerted me to the passing of a law in a country outside of Malaysia. The law covers harassment in the online sphere – including online sexual harassment, cyberbullying and unlawful stalking. You know what the interesting thing is? In the … Continue reading

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Physiogel and me

edit: written while still pregnant As you know, being pregnant can wreak havoc on skin.  Some women get glowing skin, while others get acne FTL. The skin on my face stays relatively the same but the rest of my body … Continue reading

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