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Have a break

Went for the launch of Kit Kat’s new chocolate, Kit Kat Rubies the other day! Coincidentally, I also wore a ruby colored top.  No la I know Kit Kat is red ma and Vivy sent me this top that fits … Continue reading

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Can you smell the sakura?

So… I have completed my ascension into…. auntiehood. If you’re not an auntie, nor do you do your own laundry, you might wanna stop reading right here. If yes, welcome! I show you something aunt-citing. LOL. Tell me, is this … Continue reading

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Come drive with me

A long time ago (actually maybe 4 years ago?) I went on a test driving binge. I calculated my budget and went to a lot of showrooms to  look at car models that I liked. This one was one of … Continue reading

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Rakuten Christmas shopping

If you’re a mommy, confirm you buy from Rakuten before. If you’re not, you’ve probably also bought from Rakuten before hahahaha. Rakuten is one of the shopping websites I like to surf to look for cheap deals on Fighter’s stuff! … Continue reading

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It’s the most! Wonderful time! Of the year!

  I was invited to be a part of the launch of Sunway Pyramid’s Christmas this year.  (I was here last year too!) The theme is Hoopful Christmas, and as you can see, it’s very er hoopful. Hahaha. Christmas decor … Continue reading

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What’s your pH?

Ohai guys. My first vlog in forever!!!! Please be gentle wtf. I very very rarely do vlogs.  Fatty says the things I do are so stupid there should be a camera following me around. ¬_¬ But in reality, the minute … Continue reading

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To infinity and b.yond

  The other day I was playing with a Pulp Fiction themed makeup palette…. Got look like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction or not?  Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors yo. Too bad I don’t have a short … Continue reading

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What has Fighter learned today?

Continuing off my blog post last week on Friso Gold about introducing your child to new things, I’ve been trying to ask myself, what has Fighter learned today? Ok today!  Got something new! Today I took him to the supermarket. … Continue reading

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Of childhood body soaps

The other day I had an event to attend. Say hi to my date! We were at a baby skincare workshop called “Are You Caring for His Skin The Right Way?” by Johnson’s Baby. Our pose same as the mommy … Continue reading

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The new Estee Lauder Anti Aging Cream Giveaway!

I was browsing my Downloads folder and came across… Old photos.  Just two years ago!  Photo on the left was taken the day after I left my first job (first day of freedom so very gung ho put on makeup … Continue reading

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