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July 22 and July 28

On July 22 we were boarding the plane to Vegas when Fatty suddenly turned to me and said, “Shorts, do you realize exactly a year ago is when you were hospitalized?” That whole drama was a year ago? It seems … Continue reading

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28 years

It’s my birthday today. I’m sitting downstairs in our study at 1am typing this. This is not a normal birthday.  A normal birthday for me would be Fatty throwing a surprise party for me with all my friends and family … Continue reading

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How Shorty’s been Doing

Last night was one of the scariest nights for us so far. Too tired to write right now but I wanted to document this part of our journey so I asked Fatty to take dictation from me. Here’s what happened … Continue reading

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What I’m thankful for

Update!  I’m still in the hospital wtf.  With no sign of being able to leave. T___T Preeclampsia is a progressive condition so my blood pressure has been steadily increasing. D:  When I was first admitted, it was about 130/90 and … Continue reading

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Hello from the hospital wtf

Very free now so can blog a bit. Here’s the story of what happened. Angela has been visiting the past couple of days!  As Fighter’s godmom she wanted to come along for my monthly doctor’s visit so she came! (separate … Continue reading

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Mumsy and Fat Her’s 30th Anniversary

Last week was Mumsy and Fat Her’s 30th anniversary! A few months before, Fat Her was already very kan cheong, repeatedly buzzing me and Ooib and asking us for ideas on how to surprise Mummy Ooi,  much to our amusement. … Continue reading

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The thing about being married

So we’ve been married a month now. Strangely, it feels like the wedding was so long ago!  Like in a past life wtf.  I guess it’s partly because a lot of things happened since then, chief of which was our … Continue reading

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February 10 and 14

Damn right that’s my birthday.  Being an Aquarius is awesome cos all horoscope descriptions of Aquarians somehow sound flattering!  Even Aquarian flaws somehow sound all quirky and yet attractive.  Although some traits remind me of Manic Pixie Dream Girl characteristics … Continue reading

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Babai 2011 Haro 2012

Each year I dread getting older… But each year gets better and better!!! I die die wanted to post something about the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 so here I am. Ok my annual reflections!!! Why am … Continue reading

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Finally had time to sit down and blog today so yay I give myself a pat on the back wtf. It’s been a crazy few days zomg.  Never in our lives did we think people would react to the proposal … Continue reading

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